Automotive Mechanical & Body Assessment Reports since 1996


Car Solutions Motor Vehicle Consultants has inspected and assessed motor vehicles for well over a decade now. Unbiased without fear or favour reports are acurate. Since 2008 Car Solutions has inspected thoudsands of cars. Car Solutions has provided hundreds of reports for NCAT submission, Court proceedings or other judicial proceedings. Our customers have had their money returned after buying a "Lemon", but not without a fight and in all cases the Car Solutions Expert Report made the difference. Expert reports can be used to establish accident damage liability and to resolve insurance or dealer disputes. NCAT even praised the Expert Report for being well constructed and presented, something crucial to tip the decision in your favour. Car Solutions prides itself for being independent and trustworthy. This service is available to all comers including dealers and manufacturers, what matters is what is right not so much who is right. Independent analysis has been carried out on various technical issues for the Consumer Action Law Centre among others. Working with Lawyers is part of what Car Solutions does, even being paid by Legal Aid is not uncommon. Valuations have been provided for single car family court matters or a complete fleet of over a hundred  vehicles, buses and coaches. Call Car Solutions for your single or multiple inspection or assessment.


The Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a premium service at the lowest possible price. Whenever it is possible Erich will do the inspection personally - especially where the car is German or European. By nature he is methodical and pays attention to detail in order not to overlook anything that you need to be aware of BEFORE buying the car. If anything is overlooked it could cost you hundreds or even thousands, so you need to get the best inspection possible, otherwise you would be better of not to bother at all and save the money.

The Quality Guarantee

We are offering a unsurpassed Quality Guarantee, why, because we can. We know that our Inspections are better, more thorough and that we do not overlook even the smallest detail. Nowhere else will you get the same high level of service or the same uncompromising quality.