Terms of Service

Conditions of Booking

The quality Guarantee is limited to those vehicles rated as "Good Quaity" or "Buy" only.

The Quality Guarantee explicitly excludes all other vehicles.

Our maximum Liability is limited to a refund of the inspection cost.

A refund of the inspection cost will be made if a part or parts failed causing a "Breakdown" that was reasonably foreseeable by the inspector.

  1. 1. We accept your booking on the condition that the Booking is firm and that you will pay the agreed price by either Cash, Electronic Fund Transfer or by Credit Card.
  2. 1.1. In case of cancellation, the amount payable depends on the progress made by us when the cancellation is communicated to us. What that means is that once a Booking is made the Booking Fee is payable. Once we have started to commence to travel to the nominated address, or less than 24 hours notice is given, at least one way travel is payable ($85.00). Once we have reached the destination travel in both directions is payable ($160.00).
  3. 2.0. The Fee is the sum total of the following charges:  
  4. 2.1. A Booking Fee of $85.00 way Travel.
  5. 2.2. A Travelling Fee of $85.00 each way.
  6. 2.3. A Reporting Fee of between $90.00 to $250.00 depending on the type of Report required.
  7. 2.4. Once we have arrived on-site, irrespective of whether earlier or later than originally booked or planned, the sum total is payable.
  8. 3. Where you ask to be present  you have to be on time. If you are more than 30 minutes late, the waiting time is charged at increments of $65 per 30 minutes or part thereof.
  9. 4. We charge a Credit Card dishonour Fee of $25.00 if your Credit Card provider declines to approve the charge agreed to. We will retry to debit your Credti Card until we are successful in obtaining an authorisation for the Inspection as well as the $25 Credit Card dishonour Fee.
  10. 5. Where we offer to complete a PPSR check, it is so done subject to the conditions detailed on the PPSR web site. You should always complete your own PPSR check immediately (within 24 hours) prior to collecting/purchasing the vehicle.
  11. 5.1. We strongly recommend that purchasers of vehicles bought from private sellers buy a PPSR certificate and not rely on our on-line check as there is no Guarantee attached to it.
  12. 6. Where the vehicle is not registered, insured or where the owner will not give permission for a Test drive we will report  without the Test drive. The full fee is payable.
  13. 7. Even if we cannot test drive the vehicle due to safety concerns, because of lack of engine oil or for any other reason whatsoever the full fee applies.
  14. 8. The report is based on a visual check of the vehicle and covers only those items that are listed in the report. All other items are specifically excluded. Please note that we do not dismantle or remove any item, component, mechanism or panel(s) whatsoever to detect issues that are hidden from our view.
  15. 9. We report in general terms only, that means we do identify problems, but will not be able to specifically pin point the cause of such problem.
  16. 10. The Test Drive / Road test is completed to the extend permissible by law, keeping in mind local speed limits, and is usually restricted to approximately 1.0 Kilometer. The speed limit is usually between 50 and 60 Km/h. Issues that arise a higher speed cannot be identified.
  17. 11. We reserve the right to reject any  booking.
  18. 12. Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  19. 13. Where we offer our exclusive "No Lemon" Guarantee, the Guarantee is given provided you buy a car that is rated by us to be of "Good Quality". If the car turns out to be a "Lemon"  the money paid to us is refunded in full. A Lemon is a car that has to be returned for repairs by an Authorised repairer for multiple (at least 3 serious issues) problems.
  20. 14. Where we offer our Special "Lifetime Guarantee", the Guarantee is given in respect of the Inspection, not the vehicle purchased. Only inspections for vehicles that are of "Good Quality" (80/100) or higher qualify. Inspections for vehicles rated Fair (Less than 80/100) do not. The same applies for inspections that related to vehicles rated "Poor".  The maximum benefit under this Guarantee that will be payable by us is the value of the inspection itself.
  21. 15. Today means any 24 Hour Period starting fromt the time of the Booking (Deposit Paid) and subject to the Seller being able to make the car available during normal Business Day light hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM). Sydney Metropolitan Area only.
  22. 16. Sydney Metroplolitan Area extends to City Centres of Liverpool, Penrith,Sutherland, Mona Vale, Hornsby and Maroubra but not beyond. A small additional charge may apply for areas such as Campbelltown, Prestons, Cronulla, Newport, Berowra, Dural, Malabar etc